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Welcome to the Team!

Noah Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu and mma coach


Owner and Head Instructor

Welcome! I’ve been training in martial arts for over 25 years, and have been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since I was eight years old! My first coach was Rodrigo Mederios, direct lineage through Carlson Gracie Senior. Then Ultimately receiving my Black Belt Through John Ouano and John Ramirez When i was 21 in June of 2012! I have competed all over the country in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling winning some of the most prestigious events including the IBJJF American  National, and Pan-American titles on Mutiple Occasions ,  Been blessed to have competed at a professional level in grappling since I was 14 years old!Being a Champion for Many different Professional Superfight organizations such as Fight 2 Win, Fightblok Vegas , Five Grappling Superfights , Nevertap Professional Grappling etc. along with Jiu Jitsu I competed professionally in MMA for a span of 10 years finishing my career with a Contract in the Bellator MMA Organization! For the last 12 years competing has taken a back seat to my real  passion which has been running and providing my community of Whittier with top-notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. I am born and raised in Whittier California, and I want nothing more than to share my passion with my community. Tillis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA has trained world champions, professional, mixed martial arts fighters and provides a conducive environment for every day hobbyists or people looking to compete. Our programs will help you lose weight gain confidence learn self-defense, or learn the skills you need to compete at the highest level and that something that I am the most proud of.

Anthony Aguilera Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu black belt coach


BJJ Black Belt Coach

Anthony has been train16 years under this lineage, and received his black belt from Professor Noah Tillis in 2023. His accomplishments include:

9x National Champion
15x LA Open Champion
11x All American Champion
18x North American Open Champion
6x Grand Canyon open champion
14x SJJIF World Champion
7x IBJJF world Champion
1x Pan-American Champion
1x Silver BJJ Pro
3x Silver Worlds Champion
2x  Silver U.S Open
1x Silver Pan-American
1x Bronze Pan-American
1x Bronze American Nationals
3x Bronze World Champion

Suzie Tibor Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu black belt coach


Black Belt instructor

Suzie has been training since 2012 and received her black belt from Noah Tillis in 2022. In an effort to attract and retain more women in Brazilian jiu jitsu, in 2020 she started the women’s program, and has taught our women’s BJJ classes for three years. “Jiu jitsu has helped me in so many ways,” she says. “And I love being able to share that with others!”

David Huntsinger Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu black belt coach


BJJ Black Belt Coach

Coach David is a first degree black belt under Noah Tillis. He has been training at Tillis BJJ for over a decade and has been teaching and coaching since he was a purple belt. You'll most commonly find Coach David leading classes on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM.

Phil Soto Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu coach


6AM Jiu Jitsu COACH

Phil has dedicated his life to the beautiful art of jiu jitsu for many years. He has faithfully led the morning warriors of the 6AM class since 2020. He moved under Professor Noah's leadership at Tillis BJJ 5 years ago, and is a Copa Pacifica BJJ Champion.

Richard Gonzales Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu coach


Fundamentals Coach

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, Richard Gonzales is 100% in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He started training in late 2005 under John Ouano, and then teammate Noah Tillis, as a way to lose weight and build self-esteem. But after competing in his first Jiu-Jitsu tournament, he knew that he wanted to be a life long practitioner.


Rich now leads the weekly Fundamentals class. He is one of our longest-tenured coaches/students, having been with Tillis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2013.


Coach Rich is an incredible motivator, which is an especially good thing to have at the Fundamentals class. One of Rich’s real talents is his ability to able to work with students of all levels, and explain with a lot of detail. From brand-new white belts who are looking to lose some weight and lead a more active lifestyle, to more advanced practitioners that regularly compete in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Coach Rich takes great joy in getting his students the results they are looking for.

He also has a strong history of competing in martial arts, and participating in dozens of Jiu Jitsu tournaments over the years.


Outside of the gym, you can find Coach Rich with his  family rewatching episodes of Breaking Bad. 

Will Garcia Tillis brazlian jiu jitsu wrestling coach


Wrestling Coach

Born into a wrestling family. Started wrestling at the age of 4 and came up through the Norwalk Terminators youth wrestling program. Went to Santa Fe high school where I wrestled all 4 years on varsity. Junior year I took 3rd at CIF and 7th at masters. Senior year I was CIF and Masters Champion. Wrestling has affected my life immensely for the better and I appreciate the sport. 

Channarith Pot Tillis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu muay thai and kickboxing coach


Muay Thai and MMA Coach

Mr. Channarith Pot first learned how to "Pradal" at an early age. His first instructor was his father, who taught him Cambodian kickboxing. After high school, he trained at Piston Gym with Sensei Yuki, Team Valdez with Kru Valdez, and Long Beach Kickboxing with Oum Ry. He started to compete every weekend in unsanctioned events from 1997-1998. He competed under CSAC sanctioned events from 1999-2003. He holds a 3-1 (3 KO) record. 


He started to teach Muay Thai at Piston Gym in 2003. He worked under Eddy Millis and Jamie Fletcher at the Shark Tank in 2005-2006. From 2006-2007, he learned how to modify kickboxing training to meet the needs for MMA fighters at the Body Shop under Antonio Mckee. He got the opportunity to learn the clinch and sweep techniques in Battambang, Cambodia in 2007. In 2008, he opened up his own training facility, The Westminster Fight Club. From 2016-2023, he was a trainer at All IN MMA/ BP Martial Arts Academy under Matt Johnson. In 2022, he became a certified personal trainer and a specialist in strength and conditioning through ISSA.  Coach Pot has trained fighters that competed in the UFC, Pride, K-1, Glory, Bellator, WCK, IFS, and FightersRep. He takes pride in teaching his techniques and loves to build a rapport with his students.  

george acosta boxing coach tillis brazilian jiu jitsu whittier


Boxing Coach

Over 18 Years of boxing experience
Have been coaching fighters for over 8 years.
Amateur: Junior Olympic & Silver Gloves Bronze Medalist
Professional: 17 (wins) - 1 (loss)
2021: WBA Fedecentro Super Featherweight Champion


Chris "Jumbee" Culley

Muay Thai Coach

With over 20 years of experience in karate kickboxing, muay thai and MMA, Coach Chris is happy to train the next generation of fighters with his experience in:


IKKC Muay Thai United States Middleweight Champion 

Bamma USA Featherweight Champion

Bamma USA Lightweight Champion

World Super 8 Finalist

BJJ purple belt 

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